My name is Ogechi

What is 2Snapsandatwirl?

I’ve always had a secret love affair with Fashion. I remember being in school drawing up outfits I would wear to school the next day, having mock photo shoots with my sisters, and making vision boards from magazine cut outs . Bright colors and prints have always been my way of showcasing my personality and love for Fashion. Having Nigerian Parents you were automatically expected to choose a career path that was “acceptable”, so I left my love for fashion and pursed a career in healthcare.

A few years later I went back to my first love and 2SnapsandaTwirl was created. The mission for 2Snapsandatwirl was originally just a place for me to release from the every day stresses of the world, my personal creative outlet. Soon the audience grew and I started providing women between the ages of 18 and above a fashionable guide to this crazy world! I am the oldest of 4 girls and the oldest cousin so I didn’t have a lot of women to look up to except my wonderful mother so I had to venture out and find a lot of life’s answers on my own.

As I have grown and had many life experiences fashion still being a big part of my life, I decided I wanted 2snapsandatwirl to showcase my other interest. 2016 2snapsandatwirl transitioned from a Fashion blog to a Life style blog. Focusing not only on Fashion and beauty, but Travel, DIY projects, My Faith as a Christian Women, and My love for Food!

With God by my side I realized that I can do anything and everything I put my mind to and I wanted to be able to be a living testimony to other women and give them the encouragement to do the same.